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Mike O'Rourke and Scott Sandstrom

Mike O'Rourke and Scott Sandstrom

Your Midwest Garden Podcast

Mike O’Rourke, Toledo’s Garden Guy, has been involved in the gardening for more than 35 years. O’Rourke has retired from Black Diamond Garden Centers just last year and still maintains volunteer status in many local agencies and gardening groups in the Toledo, OH area. O’Rourke has hosted many types of electronic media shows and speaking engagements. He has a communications degree and is a natural in front of an audience or camera lens. Mike jumped at the chance to host “Your Midwest Garden Podcast” as a continued way of teaching fellow gardeners through a new technology medium.

Scott Sandstrom is a freelance TV sport audio engineer, whose wife and family own Black Diamond Garden Center & Lawn Service. In the past few years, and especially during the Covid sports shutdown, he has also worked at Black Diamond. Filling a utility role and absorbing the knowledge of plants at the same time, Sandstrom has caught the gardening bug. The mixture of his talents made producing and then co-hosting “Your Midwest Garden Podcast” a common-sense idea. Sandstrom has been in broadcasting for 37 years. He has edited many TV commercials, worked all kinds of sports and mixed shows at the major league level. Networks he has been involved with include: CBS, CBSSN, NBC, FOX, ESPN, BTN and many regional sports networks.

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