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 August 6-7, 2024 | Rosemont, Illinois

Special Offer: A 5% case discount will be given on all orders of the 16oz Ready to Use formula of Protection Plus. The ready-to-use formula is sold as a case of 6. We will also be offering a 10% off our retail floor display for Protection Plus that contains 40 bottles (12x each of 4oz and 8oz, 6x 16oz ready to use, 6x 32oz and 4x 1 gallon). The displays are designed to be restocked with whichever volume of product sells best at that particular store. The floor displays measure 45"h x 18"w x 12"d. There are two messaging options to choose from: one geared toward lawn and garden and the other geared toward cannabis. Offer Restrictions: Customers need to come by the booth and place an order to take advantage of the discount. Shipping dates are to be arranged.

Eco-Friendly Insecticide from

Environmental Plant Management

Introducing our revolutionary eco-friendly insecticide, Protection Plus, available in both concentrate and ready-to-use formulas. Prepare to be amazed by its remarkable cost-effectiveness as high dilution rates make it incredibly economical--pennies to use, yet delivering unmatched results. Protection Plus is the ultimate solution for pest control and plant vitality. ? With meticulously third-party lab-tested kill rates on the first application, Protection Plus proves its unparalleled efficacy in killing all soft-bodied insects in their various life stages. Say goodbye to eggs, pupae, larvae, and adults--our formula stops them in their tracks, But that's not all - our insecticide goes beyond mere pest control. ? Experience the dual benefits that set us apart. Not only does our formula resolve insect infestations, but it also enhances plant health, growth, and yield. Through its off-label value, it cleans plant leaves of dust, dirt, and residues, optimizing photosynthesis. Furthermore, it clears plant roots of biofilm, salts, and mineral buildup, ensuring efficient water and nutrient absorption. Witness the transformative power of our insecticide as your plants flourish with renewed vigor. ? We don't stop at delivering exceptional products--we support our retailers every step of the way. Access our comprehensive step-by-step resource guides, empowering your employees and customers with in-depth knowledge of product usage. Maximize sales without captivating point-of-sale floor and counter displays, enticing shelf talkers, and attention-grabbing bottle neckers, all designed to motivate the customer to choose our eco-friendly insecticide. ? Experience the freedom of a natural 25b insecticide, safe for use on all plants, indoors or outdoors, with zero limitations. Embrace the power of pest control and plant vitality in one bottle with our eco-friendly solution to transform your gardening journey into a thriving, bug-free paradise.

We are thrilled to be joining you at the upcoming show, fueled by our unwavering motivation to revolutionize the world of pest control. We hope to accomplish a twofold mission at the show: inspire you with the effectiveness and versatility of our product, and cultivate a community that prioritizes environmentally responsible solutions. Contact us! Phone: 480-805-1460; Company Address: 24026 West Oakwood Lane, Kansasville, WI, 53139, United States