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 August 6-7, 2024 | Rosemont, Illinois

Special Offer: One PDQ of 24 Classic Spinning Daisies in sunflower or random colors for $58 including shipping.

Stepping Stones from

Beloit Plastics LLC

The one-piece design can simply be set into the ground and, because of its textured surface, provides great traction even when wet. Their easy installation and durability makes them a great alternative to the painstaking process of installing a stone or concrete pathway-no digging required! Our resin Stepping Stones make for a great lawn or garden decoration as they are, or painted with plastic safe paint to add a pop of color. They are also extremely easy to clean! You can wipe them off or just spray them with a garden hose.

Beloit Plastics is a family owned business offering products made in Beloit WI. Our Spinning Daisies have been sold for many years and bring back memories for many people. Our Planters and saucers are good quality at a fair price. Contact us! Phone: 608-365-5289; Company Address: 3489 W Creedy Road, Beloit, WI, 53511, United States